Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Intro and 1# body prph for essay #3

Although i am almost done with my essay i have only posted the intro and 1st body paragraph because i consider they are well written and ready to be Criticized. Im making corrections to 2nd paragraph and still working on the conclusion.

Obama toward economic growth and a more prosperous worker quality of life.

Many questions arise about how will Barack Obama and his government change America’s workers quality of life when inequality between employees and employers is so great and tends to be so advantageous in favor of the class with more power. Criteria must be set by the Obama administration in order to pass laws that protect workers’ rights and improve their quality of life. Many factors must be taken in consideration in the sense that over power and money the only mediation to assure employees rights been enforce, are laws, or at least that is what it is ethically expected to happen. The country must hold its breath and trust Obama’s promises of alleviating this incredible difficult struggle of the working class to survive in such competitive society. Employers have seen an illegal opportunity of boosting profits by denying employees rights such as lower wages than the minimum or jut not considering the work place safety conditions. Workers feel powerless, humiliated and their dignity have been stole in many situations where laws exist but there are no organizations that obligate employers to enforce workers rights. One of Barack Obama’s ideals to be promoted is the Employee Free Choice Act which establishes an efficient system that enables employees to form labor organization, fight for their rights and penalize unfair labor practices. Many employers are afraid of The Free Choice Act proposal been passed by the government because with it the indelible impression of someone fighting for the employee’s right will be inevitable.

Obama has promise in his campaign to raise the minimum wage, index it to inflation and increase the earned income tax credit to make sure that full time workers earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs. In the Book “They Say, I say” by Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein and Russel Durst (Pg 360), Obama Clarifies in his speech “A More Perfect Union” how by investing in education, work force development and most important of all transforming our society into a society where inclusiveness prevails we can find a solution to our economic crisis. A country with no class barriers, a greater equality in terms of opportunities and inclusiveness, with it I mean not letting the working class fall behind, we as a community can resurge with a lot more strength and with experience remember and learn from our mistakes. ARRA stands for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which is a $787 million economic stimulus to recover the country from a worldwide recession. The Act will save or create 3.5 million new jobs, make critical investments in our infrastructure and give 95 percent of working Americans a tax cut, ( In a Washington Post Interview to Barack Obama he stated that “the three most important things to promote economic growth and prosperity would be long-term investments into American infrastructure to create more high wage jobs, to fight against trade agreements that undermine American competitiveness, like CAFTA, Act that have been so damaging to the American worker. Finally, support the tax cuts for low and middle income families and work to make them permanent in a fiscally responsible way.” Barack Obama, interview by The Washington Post. American workers have been extremely impacted by technology, labor unions and immigration during this short period of Obama’s administration. It is nearly impossible to stop immigrants entering the U.S; beyond been illegal it would cause a dramatic plummet in the American Economy. Despite the fact that many immigrant workers contribute to the economic national growth, it is also true that immigrants illegally working are taking jobs that would have been able for many unemployed Americans; In addition no taxes at all are been paid by this workers money that promotes and pays for the community as a whole needs. A drastic change must be done, either to legalize immigrant worker so they can legally work and pay taxes or enforce in a more disciplinary way immigration legislations.

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  1. Hi Juan Pablo - This is a good start - I'd think about a way to start that would bring us into your topic - what are the issues we should care about and why - then we know how to look at and why to care about Obama's policies.

    you want to make sure that you're not just using sources from Obama himself, in the form of websites, interviews, and speeches, but also news sources that describe what he's done - for example, what can you find about the status of EFCA?